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Susan retired from education in May 2011 and I retired in December 2011 . We are not full timers but do travel a lot. We enjoy traveling around the country. There are many beautiful places in the USA and we are going to try and see all of them while we can.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

November 18,2017 Deer Season is here

Well, deer season finally arrived.  So far it has been the hottest deer season in my memory. Opening weekend was in the mid 80's and humid. it was also the worst hunting weekend in our history. We finally got a little cool weather and was actually able to have a fire a couple of days. At the time of this writing we have killed 11 deer. This means we will at least have tied for the worst year ever since we have kept records. The 13 inch rule has had a big effect on low numbers as you cant shoot a buck with less than an inside spread of 13 inches.( Yes, the government in its infinite wisdom tells us what a trophy is ) The other biggest reason is we have a bumper acorn crop and them deer don't have to go anywhere for food. I have used Max and Rex on two deer and the caught both of them. Unfortunately we lost Rex on the second deer, its a real mystery on what happened but he is missing. Susan has only spent 2 nights at deer lease so far. She left on a quilt retreat last Sunday but came home early on Wednesday. I also came home Wednesday to get a few things done like mowing the yard and getting a tractor tire repaired. We are supposed to get a cool front in on Saturday so I will head back probably Friday night. I  took Susan to the urgent care dr Thursday evening, she thought she was coming down with the flu but luckily she wasn't. He gave her several prescriptions as she was run down and something for her back.  I ordered a gps tracker for Max and it came in. Looks like its going to work great. You use your cell phone and as long as you have service it will track..It updates every 5 minutes and you can run a history track. You can also set a perimeter and if the tracker goes outside the perimeter you will get an alert on your phone. Hopefully no more lost dogs. On Friday I went to Sammi"s school to have Turkey Day lunch with her. Its always entertaining. When I got back home I carried Susan to the chiropractor. If she is doing better tomorrow I plan to head back to the deer lease.
Lunch with Sammi and friends

That little deer can stretch her neck

It was hot

David , Kyle & John, 

Mack Creek

Them dogs caught this deer

A night walk

Max caught the Buck

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Oct 7-22 Its been rather Warm

I  have been at the deer lease most of the time. Still doing a little work preparing for opening day of deer season. Susan has stayed home and been doing a lot of sewing. We have been going to Kenna's volleyball games on Thursday nights and  one weekend tournament. I went to the lake with Kristi for a couple of days as they got a new trailer house set up. Kyle came one weekend and brought Kevin's dogs too me.  I will keep them most of hunting season.  It has been dry and very warm for October. We had a couple of cool days but we are really waiting for cooler weather and some rain.
Judy is watching 2 Eagles which have landed in a tall pine tree.

At the Deer Park Tournament

Bubba loves playing in the kitchen

Only had about 2 mornings I could have a fire

Holly Grace and John Callahan

Mackenna ready to serve

Its pretty down along the creeks

Walking the dogs

Little John got the Ranger stuck

Might be a shooter

Maggie and Max

Just chillin


Gathering a little firewood

Back of House 

Front view

Tug of war

Maggie has a tough life

Friday, October 6, 2017

Sept 28-Oct 6 Volleyball and Deer Lease

We are happy volleyball season is back. We enjoy watching the girls play. Sammi and Ashley are not playing now as club ball cant play during school season. Mackenna is on the 8th grade team. They are unbeaten in district and have only 1 loss for the season. They came in 3rd place in the Atascocita Tournament. I have been splitting time at the deer lease and back home. Lots of stuff to get done. The weather hasn"t been very cool yet. I will be glad when the cooler weather finally gets here.
A little homemade wine

We have been repairing roads from the storm

John Callahan. John Lovett, Judy Lovett

Mack Creek crossing repaired

That 4-wheeler just couldn't make it in that slop

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Sept 10-27 Finally Back at Mack Creek

I have still done a few debris clean ups for a few folks. I also have been cleaning out my buildings that got flooded. I have been surprised at what I was able to save. I had several battery powered tools that got underwater. After drying out my drill and impact wrench worked. The battery charger and several batteries were shot. My welding machine made it but my wire welder didn't. I got a lot of things hauled off that I didn't need . Still have stuff spread everywhere. I was finally able to get back up to Mack Creek. I have been mowing most every day. Eddie has been here off and on. He has been doing road work and fixing creek crossings. The rains really washed our main road but they will look like a smooth highway when he gets thru. The weather has been humid and hot. The first 4 days the mosquitos were as bad as I have ever seen them. I went home for a couple of days as Mackenna's volleyball season started for Jr. High. They won their first game easily. The next night we went to Cody Gollnisch"s wedding. It was still hot when I got back to the lease. I had to take the Ranger in to the shop and hope to get it back soon.  Susan has just stayed home and sewed. She went to Pam's and spent the night and they just ran around.
Back to Camp

Doing a little mowing

Sometimes you have to change a flat

Road Work


Maggie snuggled up

Eddie killed him a piggy

Sunday, September 10, 2017

August 28-Sept 10 Harvey got worst and Slow Recovery

This is just a small synopsis. We ended up with 48 inches of rain. Our house became an island but we didn't get any water in it. Looks as if two inches from weep holes on slab was as high as the water got. We were able to get out and make it to Liberty and stayed at my Moms. In town we never lost electricity. The Trinity River reached a record level in Liberty at 32.7  feet. The levee protecting parts of Liberty is 33 ft. After the rainwater went down we moved back home.Our flooding was from rain as the river doesn't bother us. We had to go an alternate route to get home because of the river. We were without power for 9 days. I had a generator for the water well and freezer and another for the house. We could run the fridge , tv, 2 box fans , coffee pot. We cooked on our little charcoal grill and I rigged up the propane fire pit to cook on. Our RV was at the deer lease so we didn't have it,,. Finally when we could get out,  we went to Kristi/Mike. They had about 4 ft of water in their house. It was a massive clean up effort. They are living with some friends for now. We also have other friends who have had their houses flooded.  Its devastating and there are just no words.
For us life has returned now to somewhat normal. For many people it will be months before normal becomes normal again. For some normal will not return, I'm only showing a few pictures as I really didn't take many and I will always remember what I saw.
Kristi yard after cleanup. I used my tractor to push debris to street for pickup.
View from Kristi yard down the street
Kristi yard
Debris pickup, I followed this guy with my tractor from yard to yard pushing stuff so he could reach it
Highway 90 between Liberty and Dayton
Highway 90 in Liberty. John Deere dealership flooded.
Down the hill from us. This is FM 563 and the boats launched here to rescue people. Trinity River flooding

Our driveway before we left 

Our front yard before we left
Our backyard before we left