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Susan retired from education in May 2011 and I retired in December 2011 . We are not full timers but do travel a lot. We enjoy traveling around the country. There are many beautiful places in the USA and we are going to try and see all of them while we can.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

June 9-15 Blanco State Park

Kristi ,Kenna, and Ashley headed to Africa on their annual mission trip and Sammi came to stay with us while they are gone. We packed up and headed to Blanco to camp for a few days. We love the park there because its small and right on the river. We arrived on Sunday after an easy drive. The park was full with a lot of day folks. We got everything set up and headed to the river to swim. The water felt really good. It was always nice in the mornings until about noon and then got pretty hot. It cooled down in the evening around 7 and was nice to sit out. Jamie and Belinda came up on Tuesday and was able to get a site across the street from us.  Our daily ritual was to get up in the morning and sit outside to watch the deer, squirrels and birds. Somewhere around nine we would cook breakfast. Sometimes we would head to the river and swim then come back for lunch and a nap.  We always swam in the river in the evenings.  We cooked supper every night and then just chilled. One morning we did go to the Chess Club for breakfast. Susan, Belinda and Sammi also visited a quilt shop. It was just a relaxing time.
Susan made a quilt and curtains for our bedroom

Headed to Africa

They made it

Headed to Blanco State Park

We made it

Sammi hand painting nad Maggie watching

Low water crossing into Blanco State park

Blanco River

Early morning walk along the river

Axis deer feeding on tree limbs

Jamie, Belinda,Sammi & Susan eating at the Chess Club

Susan, Jamie, Belinda just chilling


Last stop on the way home

Monday, May 21, 2018

May 17-20 Keeping the Girls

Thursday morning I left early and headed to Kingwood to take the girls to school. Kristi went to the lake Wednesday morning to try and get a couple of days to relax. Mike Z had an early flight for a business trip. They are still not able to stay inn their house due to the staining and painting  so they are still at a friends house for now. I got all the kids delivered to school and then I went to Home Depot and got a few things I needed. I went back to the Isoms house and just hung out and did a little reading. They have an eight year old Mastiff and he followed me around everywhere to keep me company. I was supposed to stay until The girls got out of school Friday but things came up and Kristi came back so I headed back home. Friday morning was not great as my Kidney stone was giving me a little issues. Friday evening I met Kristi in Dayton and got Ashley and Sammi for the weekend. Mackenna had a dance that night so she was staying with friends for the weekend. Kristi and Mike Z were headed to the lake. Saturday we went to the movies and then took Ashley to Walgreens to get her passport picture as she needs to get her old one renewed. That evening Ashley did some sewing with Susan and Sammi even made a bag to hold her softballs. Everyone slept late Sunday morning.Susan left early to go to a week long quilt retreat. Later I carried the girls back to Kingwood.

Ashley   Sammi


Sammi got up early but her and Maggie went back to sleep

At the movies

Monday, May 14, 2018

May 12 13 Mother Days Weekend

After such a cool spring , the real Texas weather has showed up in May. We are starting to need a little rain but things are still really green. I mowed the yard even though it really didn't need it. Friday night Mackenna received the "Student Athlete of the Year" award at Riverwood Jr High. She will start High School next year , she has grown up too fast. Kyle Kristen and the boys came down on Saturday. Peyton and Luke hit the ground running. They played with toys inside and trucks outside and rode their John Deere Tractors. I  put some chickens on the smoker for supper. Kyle put new brakes on the rear of my truck. We went and got Mom to bring her out for the evening. When it got dusky I took the boys riding on the Ranger. They played right up till time to got to bed. Sunday morning they got up very early and were recharged. After breakfast we headed to Kingwood and they headed to Rhonda"s. We went to Ashley"s Confirmation at Kingwood United Methodist. They had 58 young people getting confirmed and it was a nice service. After church we stayed over there and hung out. Mike Kristi and kids haven't been able to stay in there house for the last 3 weeks and have been staying with friends. We went by their house to see he progress. They have been staining all the wood inside and the fumes are rough. Things are moving along, all be it slowly. That evening Mike Z took us all out to eat. His Mom met us there and so did Adam and Andrea. We had a really great evening.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

April 20-23 2018 Taylor Gathering

Since its almost impossible to get a date where everyone can get together at Christmas , we finally arrived at one on April 21. Kevin couldn't make it as he was working out of state. Mike Z and Sammi missed also as Sammie had a softball tournament.  We went up Friday and I came home Monday, Susan stayed as she has another quilt retreat all week. We were very lucky  as the bad weather held off on Saturday.  We all had a good time and the kids had a blast. Somehow we managed not to have any one fall into the water. If we could have had warm weather the kids would have had even more fun playing in the water. No doubt this has been a cool April.