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Susan retired from education in May 2011 and I retired in December 2011 . We are not full timers but do travel a lot. We enjoy traveling around the country. There are many beautiful places in the USA and we are going to try and see all of them while we can.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

August 28-Sept 10 Harvey got worst and Slow Recovery

This is just a small synopsis. We ended up with 48 inches of rain. Our house became an island but we didn't get any water in it. Looks as if two inches from weep holes on slab was as high as the water got. We were able to get out and make it to Liberty and stayed at my Moms. In town we never lost electricity. The Trinity River reached a record level in Liberty at 32.7  feet. The levee protecting parts of Liberty is 33 ft. After the rainwater went down we moved back home.Our flooding was from rain as the river doesn't bother us. We had to go an alternate route to get home because of the river. We were without power for 9 days. I had a generator for the water well and freezer and another for the house. We could run the fridge , tv, 2 box fans , coffee pot. We cooked on our little charcoal grill and I rigged up the propane fire pit to cook on. Our RV was at the deer lease so we didn't have it,,. Finally when we could get out,  we went to Kristi/Mike. They had about 4 ft of water in their house. It was a massive clean up effort. They are living with some friends for now. We also have other friends who have had their houses flooded.  Its devastating and there are just no words.
For us life has returned now to somewhat normal. For many people it will be months before normal becomes normal again. For some normal will not return, I'm only showing a few pictures as I really didn't take many and I will always remember what I saw.
Kristi yard after cleanup. I used my tractor to push debris to street for pickup.
View from Kristi yard down the street
Kristi yard
Debris pickup, I followed this guy with my tractor from yard to yard pushing stuff so he could reach it
Highway 90 between Liberty and Dayton
Highway 90 in Liberty. John Deere dealership flooded.
Down the hill from us. This is FM 563 and the boats launched here to rescue people. Trinity River flooding

Our driveway before we left 

Our front yard before we left
Our backyard before we left

Sunday, August 27, 2017

August 25,26,27 Harvey---------Should have left

Hurricane Harvey made its approach Friday evening into Rockport. Devastating  results for that area with winds of 130 mph. We are a long way from there but because it stalled and is just sitting our area has received record amounts of rain. At our home we have been extremely fortunate for now. If our creek can continue to drain we may make it without water getting in our house. We have never had water in our house but this is an epic rainfall storm. We have had electricity the whole time so far. I have a generator to run a few things if power fails.  We have just hunkered down here. Susan has been sewing and I have watched weather (when our satellite tv could get signal) .  This morning I  cleaned a few guns so I was productive. We are here for the duration as all roads are flooded anywhere we could go.  All in all we have been blessed so far, but another two days most likely.
After our first rain band Friday

Today at 1:00 pm.    About 12 inches here so far

Maggie is staying snuggled

Cleaned a couple of guns today.

Monday, August 7, 2017

August 6, 2017 Peyton and Luke go home

Peyton was the first one up this morning. He climbed up on the couch with Maggie and watched cartoons. Luke didn't get up till about 7:30 and quiet time was over. They got the trucks and cars out and the race was on. They decided to put some trucks in Lukes bed and they got up there and played till breakfast time. Susan got all their clothes washed and bags packed because they were going home today. We left about 9:45 so we could get to Bryan by lunch time. I carried drinks and snacks and hot wheels for them. They did pretty well for the ride. I got back home around 3:45 pm. It sure was quiet in the house all evening. Susan doesn't make near the noise the boys do.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

August 5, 2017 Busy Little Boys

Everyone slept well again last night. Luke was the first one up about 6:30 and Peyton followed up about 6:50. They were pretty still and watched cartoons for awhile. After that they were back to playing with trucks and trains. They never get tired of playing and the soundtrack is entertaining. Ashley sleeps late and it worried Peyton when she didn't get up.  Since it was still wet outside here I carried them to the park in town after breakfast. They played and played. Its shady there but it was so muggy I was sweating just watching them. No breeze at all. Once I wore out I rounded them up and we headed back home. Peyton wanted to stay all day. Ash was up when we got back and they were so glad. They started watching a movie "The Polar Express" then ate some lunch and then down for a nap. in the meantime Adam came by for a visit. Around 2:30 I carried Ashley to Dayton to met some friends, she is going with them to San Antonio till Wednesday. On the way home I stopped by Dominos and picked up a pizza for supper.. Luke was up when I got home but Peyton was still sleeping. I finally had to wake him up as he had a 3hr 10 minute nap. I wanted him to be able to go to bed that night. They finished watching their movie and then started another one. They are still pushing trucks and trains while watching but sometimes they will freeze and be in the zone looking at the movie. We only got a little rain today so I went and got the Ranger and we rode it till I wore out. They had pizza for supper , got their baths, played and were in bed at 8:40. It sure is quiet when they are in bed.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

August 4 2017 Rainy Day for the Grandkids

All the kids slept great last night. Peyton slept till about 7 and Luke made it to 7:30. Ashley didnt get up till about 9.  They had a good breakfast and were ready for the day  Susan and Ashley went to Walmart and then a quilt store. I carried the boys to town and we went to see great granma. After we left there we went to a little city park and played for awhile. When we got home the boys got lunch and then took their nap. Susan and Ashley also got home. Nap time lasted around 2 hours. Right after they got up it started raining for about an hour. Too wet to go out now. Luke and Peyton just played trucks and watched tv the rest of the day. Hope we get no rain tomorrow.
Maggie get breakfast too

Watching the bucket trucks was the most fun

Friday, August 4, 2017

August 3, 2017 Grandkids for the Weekend

We decided to get Peyton and Luke for a few days. Ashley wanted to come over also so we headed to Kingwood and picked her up then on to Bryan. Peyton and Luke were excited and ready to roll. We got their things loaded and hit the road home. We stopped in New Waverley at Subway and got lunch. The boys talked to everyone that came in. Ashley kept them entertained on the ride home. I was hoping they might take naps but that didn't happen. They had plenty of energy when we got home. They played with toys inside and outside. It was hot and muggy outside. Everyone had a good supper and snacks. The boys love to take baths so that was pretty easy. Around 8 Peyton told nana he was ready for bed so she put him down in our bed. She is sleeping with Peyton and I'm sleeping with Luke. Luke wasn't ready to go to bed but I put him down at 8:35. He was asleep in 10 minutes. I hope to sleep well tonight cause I know tomorrow will be busy.
Waiting for food at Subway

Watching "The Good Dinosaur"

Monday, July 24, 2017

July 23, 2017 Im Hollering Calf Rope

Well the heat wins. We decided to head home tomorrow. While the mornings are really nice it gets to 101 by 1:00 and is still 97 at 7:00pm. That's just not pleasant  to us.. We definitely will not stay in Texas next summer, I'm pretty sure the rocky mountains will win. Again the morning was great and we sat outside till about 11:00.  The water was once again great to float in. We came in and cleaned up , had a little lunch , then we headed to the Mammoth Site here in Waco. It is now a small National Park.  The dig site is fully enclosed and air conditioned. It has a full grown male mammoth skeleton intact. Also a female mostly intact along with some young ones. There is also a camel skeleton and various other bones. Its an interesting tour and a fairly recent discovery in 1978.   We went back to the trailer and spent the evening watching movies. We did get some scattered storms around us but no rain on us.

Early morning chilling

Skull and tusks  (tusks measure 11 ft )

Body of the Bull

Life Size Rendition of The Bull Skeleton Mamooth

A young mammoth skeleton

A female skeleton

Everything used for digging 
Who knew there used to be camels in Texas