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Susan retired from education in May 2011 and I retired in December 2011 . We are not full timers but do travel a lot. We enjoy traveling around the country. There are many beautiful places in the USA and we are going to try and see all of them while we can.

Monday, April 2, 2018

March 29-April1, 2018 Easter Weekend

We went to Kristis/Mike lake house for Easter. Actually Susan was already up there because she had a quilt retreat all week there. I left on Thursday and went up.. I got a late start due to the storms the previous night. Our electricity went out about 4:00 am and didn"t get restored untill till 2:00 pm. I had planned on getting a lot of things done early but that didn't happen. I hooked my little generator up so I could make coffee, run the fridge and watch tv. I didn't want to leave until power came back on for sure because of freezers. Susan called and said the river had really come up overnight and the water was barely over the road on the causeway. All the rain upstream had put the Trinity river in flood stage. It had pretty much crested by the time I got to the lake house that evening. The weather had turned gorgeous .  There was not a lot of yard for the kids to play but they still had a good time. With the high water there was no boating swimming nor jet skiing going on. There were a lots of folks there for the weekend .All the kids had fun dying eggs and playing games.
The water is way over the boat dock


Moon rising

Susan and Susan

Early morning relaxation

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

March 14-19. Ratcliff Lake with Peyton & Luke

We left Wednesday morning around 9:am. it was a  easy drive and we arrived about 11:30. After driving to our site there was someone still there but  were packing up. We went to a parking lot and  had a little lunch. I took Maggie for a short walk by the lake. We then headed back and set up. With it being spring break it looks like it will be lots of campers.  We had a nice quiet evening.
Thursday morning I left early to pick up the boys.. On the way back Susan called and she said she fell on the stairs but was ok. It looks like now we both are crippled this week as my back is hurting. Peyton and Luke were excited to get there. They played hard all day.  Our neighbors were from College Station and their 13 year old daughter Callie came over and visited. Friday and Saturday were repeats. Peyton and Luke would start playing outside at day break , take a nap about 1 and play till supper time.  They are really easy to keep as they entertain themselves, all they need is a couple of trucks and shovels. They rode their John Deere tractors till the batteries ran down every day. We never went swimming as the water was still a little cold. Saturday night we got a wild thunderstorm so Sunday morning it was too wet to go outside. Kyle and Kristin were coming to spend the day but since the weather was bad so I met them half way with the boys. It sure was quiet Sunday night. Monday morning we headed home.

Waiting for our site to open

Water still a little cold

Our campsite

Maggie getting a little sun

Doing some handwork

chilling by the fire

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

March 1-6 Weather is Better

March finally got here and the weather has made a turn for the better. The bad news is my back has taken a turn for the worst. When I get up in the morning I can't hardly get around. After about an hour I can start functioning again. I am able to get some things done but just have to be slow. I am still cleaning up a  few things from Harvey because I didn't get a lot done during deer season. It dried out enough that I mowed the front yard on Thursday and the rest on Friday.  I have to mow awhile and then rest my back. I was also able to get the trailer turned around without getting stuck. On Saturday we left at 5:40 am in the morning to head to Ashleys volleyball tournament in the Woodlands. It is about an 1;45 minute drive for us. Parking is always limited so you need to get there early. They had a good day and finished 2nd in the tournament. We got home about 8:30 pm. A long day but fun. Mackenna had a volleyball tournament In Richmond and they won 1st place.  Sammi had a softball game in Kingwood and they also won. Sammi  had 2 doubles as she went 2 for 3 at the plate.  Its a shame we can only be at one place at a time. Sunday and Monday were nice days and I was able to piddle around and do a few projects. I headed to Kingwood Monday evening to watch Sammi"s softball game. They won and we barely got thru before it started raining. It rained on me all the way home.
Mackenna"s Team

Ashley"s Team




Monday, February 26, 2018

Feburary 2018 A Dreary Wet Month and Ole Timers Reunion

This was a miserable month of weather. We had some cool wet days and some humid warm wet days. There was just not a lot to report and I didn't take many pictures. We got a 3 day break in the weather and I was able to wash the trailer. I also cleaned out my compartments and rearranged them. The interior is clean and ready to roll. Our plans were to go to Canton on the 28. When I brought the trailer home from the deer lease I parked it differently than normal,  This made it easier to unload and reload things. Unfortunately I never thought we would have so much rain that it night be difficult to get it back out. It has not dried up enough for me to move it. If you get off the shell drive with truck or trailer you will get stuck. . If I really had to I could get it moved around but would need someone with a big tractor or 4-wheel drive truck to pull me and I would leave some big ruts. We decided not to do that so the Canton trip is off. I won't park that way again. The only other things we did this month was a little grand kid sitting. Susan did have a sewing retreat at Kristi's lake house for about 5 days. I was also able to go to my Ole Timers Reunion . Its always on the last Friday night in February. I don't know how many years we have been doing this but its been a while. John Kocurek does a great job of putting this on. We had a really nice turnout this year. As time goes by we lose a few more folks each year. Its always good to see folks again and catch up and swap some tales.
Of course we also did a few volleyball tournaments with Ashley and Mackenna.  They pretty much have something every weekend. We also managed to go the the movies one really rainy day .We just about had the whole theatre to ourselves. We like to go to early showings.