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Susan retired from education in May 2011 and I retired in December 2011 . We are not full timers but do travel a lot. We enjoy traveling around the country. There are many beautiful places in the USA and we are going to try and see all of them while we can.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Jan 20-28 The last week with the Girls

We were home Saturday and  also most of Sunday.. I really didn't get much done around the house as we have had so much rain it is very sloppy. Sunday evening I headed back to Kristi"s and Susan came Monday morning. The workers showed up Monday morning and started building cabinets downstairs. They start about 8 and work till about 6:30-7:00pm.  It is very noisy with the table saws, air compressors, nail guns  going all day. There is not much to do as you cant hear the TV. We lost the temporary sink downstairs so we only have the bathtub and bathroom sinks upstairs to wash any dishes. We used mostly all paper goods and cutlery. Some of Kristi's friends brought us dinner most nights so that does make things much easier. I did cook hamburgers one night on the outside grill.  Susan's allergies were terrible as she couldn't take any medicine because of allergy testing on Thursday. She had to go back home Monday and just stay. The allergy testing showed she was allergic to 31out of 38 testing subjects. She is going to start allergy drops and we hope they work.  Kenna had a basketball game on Thursday night and they won  I came home Friday evening after Mike Z came home. Saturday morning we we to Ashley"s volleyball tournament in Spring. They won all their games. We came on home after the games and just rested .Kristi"s plane landed about 4:00 pm so she made it home safely. Kenna has volleyball games Sunday on the southwest side of Houston but we are not going. Time for the old folks to rest for a day. While I was gone my new grinder came in. I decided last year that I was going to start processing my own deer. I bought a LEM Mighty Mite #8 Grinder. My plan is to take out what I think I need for a week or two and make it fresh. Sunday I made a little practice run. I just ground up 2.2 lbs of meat and made a nice pot of hamburger soup. It went smooth and the cleanup was very easy. Normally I will probably do 5-10 lbs at a time depending on what I'm making.
Max is not stressing

Lexie stayed by my side all the time

Kenna basketball game

Kenna basketball game

Sammi checking out the progress in the kitchen. It will probably be May till the downstairs is complete, 
A digital  scale to weigh meat
This grinder is just the right size for me

Ashley"s volleyball game
Ashley keeping score

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Jan 8- 20 It Got COLD In TEXAS

We didn't do much until Thursday when we went to Mackennas basketball game. They won easily and Kenna was high point scorer. On Saturday we went to the NRG Arena for Mackenna volleyball tournament. They played competitively but lost all 3 games. One of the Dads works for the Houston Texans managing the luxury suites and boxes. He arranged for all of us to eat in the Texans cafeteria and then we toured their training facilities. After the games we all went to a Saltgrass Steakhouse for Adams birthday. On Sunday we stayed home as my back was killing me. Monday morning Susan headed to Kristi"s and I went to the deer lease to bring our trailer home before the bad weather. After I got back I headed to Kristi's also as we are staying two weeks while Kristi is in Africa. The weather continued to get worse as the day wore on. Everything was shut down Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday, no school and Mike Z couldn't:t get to work. We had lots of sleet/ice and some snow. The temps got down in the teens and the wind was blowing hard. Sammi and her next door friend played in the elements all day Tuesday and had a blast  The big girls went to friends houses. Susan and I  basically just watched the dogs.. Wednesday things started returning to normal. Thursday Susan went home as she has a quilting workshop Friday and Saturday. Sammi and I went to Kenna"s basketball game Thursday night and it was a really exciting games which we won 31-29. On Friday evening I headed home for the weekend after I got the girls from school. I will head back Sunday evening and Susan will come Monday after a chiropractor appointment.
Volleyball at NRG

Tip Off

Shooting Free Throws
Volleyball team in Texans Weight Room

The cold weather is rough on the dogs

Taking a snow break

It started snowing

Monday, January 8, 2018

Jan 1-8 2018 Lukes 3rd Birthday

The new year started out very cold for us. We got back from Junction yesterday ahead of the weather. I dropped Susan off and headed to the deer lease to drain the water in our trailer. I decided to wait until the bad cold was over before hunting.  It did get in the low twenties for three days at home. We had new years dinner at Belinda's and after that we just stayed home. On Thursday I went back to the deer lease and hunted that evening. Friday I brought the Ranger and Kevin's 4-wheeler home. Saturday I went first to lake Somerville and then on to Bryan. Susan's back and allergies were terrible and she stayed home. I went to check out Rocky Creek COE park to see what sites were open. The park is still completely closed but may reopen in April. It has been closed since the floods two years ago. I then headed to Luke's birthday party. It was at a Powersports facility and the kids all had a great time.. I finally got home around 8:30 pm.          


Sunday, December 31, 2017

Dec 27-31 Junction

We left the house about 7:15 and took Maggie to stay at Moms. Then we headed to pick up Kerry in the Woodlands and off we went. The weather was nasty at first but then quit raining and it became a much nicer drive. We stopped in Chappel Hill and had a late breakfast. It was cold and got colder, arriving at Junction it was 32 degrees.  We got unloaded and I built a fire and we just chilled the rest of the night.
Thursday morning I got up and built a nice fire.It was still about 30degress and a very slight mist.. Later after Susan and Kerry got up I fixed us some breakfast.  Around 11, I ran into Junction to pick up a few groceries.  After getting back I rode around picking up a little firewood and the shot one of my guns to make sure it was on. I hunted that evening and saw 5 deer. When I got in Regan had made it here.  We had a nice evening.
Friday morning I hunted the Tower Blind. It was overcast and You couldn't see till About 7:10. By 7:28 I had seen 3 Bucks and 4 Does plus Bambi. I killed a real mature Buck. 9 or 10 pts depending on how much one kicker was in length. I had to go back to get Regan to help load it. He had stayed in and watched the deer at the house.  Susan:s back was really bothering her and she had to just rest most of the day.  Regan and I put out feed in the feeders. On our evening hunt we both saw only one deer. We had a good supper and watched some football on tv.   .
Saturday morning hunt I saw 7 does and 1 Buck. He was a nice young buck except he was missing one brow tine. Reagen didn't see any animals at all. We watched a little football and worked on some feeders. Susan had another miserable day with her back. we hunted that evening and I saw only one deer going to the stand. We came in early as we were going to the neighbors for Supper. We had a really good time there.  Sunday we are heading home hoping to bet the bad weather that is coming in.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

December 26 Mckennas Birthday

Mackenna turned 14 today. Time flies by and she has grown to be a young lady. I still want them all to be young children. We went to their lakehouse today to celebrate. It was a miserable rainy cold day. Mike Z, his brother Chris and I put up plastic sheeting all around the porch to give us a wind break. With a portable propane heater we could keep the temperature fairly comfortable. All the kids pretty much stayed inside the game room and played ping pong. Susans allergies were terrible so we left before supper and headed home. If she doesn"t feel better we might not go to Junction in the morning. I didn't get any pictures of Kenna just too much going on. Susan went to bed when we got home so I wont load the truck till in the morning in case we don't leave.
Aleeta gets the girls

Kristi gets the dogs

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Dec 25 Christmas Day with the Girls

Christmas morning we headed to Kingwood.. Susan picked up donut and kolaches for breakfast. Kristi/Mike and the girls are not living in their house right now because of all the work going on downstairs. They did spend the night at home as no work was going on. Kristi had told the girls not to come out of their rooms till 8:00. Not a problem for Kenna and Ashley but Sammi was ready to rock and roll. Adam and Andrea came over also and we had a good time .Sammi is into panda bears and she cleaned up.  The big ticket item was they got tickets to a Taylor Swift concert in September. When we left there we stopped by Jamie and Belinda's house for a little while. They have a come and go dinner all day. After that we stopped at Mom's house and visited her. When we finally got home we were wore out, but it was a good day.


Saturday, December 23, 2017

Dec 20-22 Christmas in Bryan

Susan had a birthday on Wednesday. She went and picked Kenna, Ashley and Sammi up.They spent the day shopping. That evening they met Adam  and had supper.  Thursday morning I came in early from the deer lease. I cooked breakfast for the girls and then took them to meet Mike/Kristi so they could go see the new Star Wars movie . On Friday we headed to Bryan to have Christmas with Peyton and Luke. We picked my Mom up on the way up there. The weather was still warm when we got there about 75 degrees. While we were there it dropped to 55 degrees and drizzling rain. The boys had fun opening all their presents. It was to wet for them to go outside. On the way home we got in front of the weather and it was 77 degrees again.
Luke & Peyton

Nana & Peyton
Peyton practicing digging
Checking out a big coloring book
Mom & Kyle

Peyton is in his shark snuggle bag
new pj

Luke is checking his package out
Ready to open gifts

 Peyton likes his digging machine