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Susan retired from education in May 2011 and I retired in December 2011 . We are not full timers but do travel a lot. We enjoy traveling around the country. There are many beautiful places in the USA and we are going to try and see all of them while we can.

Friday, July 21, 2017

July 20, 2017 Lake Waco

I finished loading the trailer this morning. Is just been to hot to do much in the evening. We only have about a 4 -5 hr drive to Waco. We got on the road about 8:30.  Our first stop was at Stripes to get Susan a coke and me some tacos for breakfast. We had an easy drive and made our next stop at Woody"s Smokehouse in Centerville. I wasn't hungry so we didn't eat but they have good BBQ and lots of good meat. We made it to Airport Park on Lake Waco and got checked in. Our Garmin got us close but not exactly cause she had us turn once where there was no road, just pasture. You cant rely on signs because their aren't any.  We got set up on our site and turned the AC on first. It was 97 at 12:30.  The humidity is much better here than home but its still hot. We got in the water as quick as we could and it is  nice. You dry off pretty fast when you get out. The temperature got to 102 and the trailer was struggling to cool off. At 8:00 it was still 98 degrees. Yea, its a dry heat and its Hot. If we didn't have shade it would be unbearable. We were tired and the trailer finally cooled off. This is a pretty park and not a lot of campsites. We drove around and checked the spots with lots of shade. Not may waterfront spots that have shade that will cover your trailer. Any way we will see what tomorrow brings.  

Sunday, July 9, 2017

July 1-9 2017 Its Been Hot, Peyton and Luke Visit

I have to question my sanity, I'm not sure what I was thinking when we decided to stay in Texas this summer. The temperatures have been only in the low 90"s but the heat index has been 105-108. We have had lots of rain and the grass grows fast. I used Lil Johns zero turn mower to mow my yard twice, finally got the hang of it and it is faster than my lawn tractor. I did get my lawn tractor back together and I'm happy about that. It finally dried up enough to get the pasture all mowed. On the 4th we went to John/Jens for the day. They have moved onto their new house and it is very nice. John cooked ribs on the smoker and they were very good. We didn't stay till dark but they had lots of fireworks to shoot.  Kyle/Kristen and the boys came down for a visit. Peyton and Luke played hard, the heat doesn't bother them. Susan is packing as she is going to a quilt retreat for the next eight days. I have a lot of things to do like wash the trailer and get ready for our trip to Lake Waco. We have a waterfront site and hopefully some shade trees, it will be hot but its a dry heat. (Ha Ha).
Ready to Mow

Back pasture mowed
Susan and Holly Grace

Bubba,  normally the dog is in the kennel

Peyton and  Luke playing

Peyton with Kevin"s dogs

Fun on a hot day

Mom, Susan and Kristin

Friday, June 30, 2017

June 11-30 2017 Life Goes On But Its Not Always Easy

We left Double Lake the second day as we had a tragedy in our family. Our great-niece Nori who was just two months old passed away during the night. In my lifetime we have never had a child pass away in our family.  We went to Round Rock on Thursday for the funeral . There are no words that can express the way we feel.  Our prayers will continue for Nick and Abby, they are a strong couple but the days ahead will be difficult.

In the meantime we still had Sammi till her family got home from Africa. Susan found some of her friends to keep her for two nights as we went to Round Rock.  She did have fun with her friends. We also took her to a movie one day to entertain her. She watched a lot of movies and played the rest of the time. Sammi and I picked up Mike/Kristi/Kenna/Ashley at the airport on Sunday evening. They were all very tired from the long flight from Africa with no layovers.  We stopped and ate on the way back to their house as they just wanted to go to bed when they got home. Poor Ashley got sick on the way to the house, she was just so tired.

We have been getting lots of rain and in between rains I tried to get the yard mowed. My lawn tractor steering has been getting hard to turn and finally stripped the gears. I replaced the gears and found that the original problem was the right front wheel spindle.  Nothing went well on my repairs and I ended up rebuilding the front end .   I also broke a part on my accelerator rod on the transmission. I had to order that part. Simple part but may not be simple to change. I'm waiting till Kyle comes this  weekend to see what he says.

Tropical Storm Cindy tried to visit us but we were on the dry side and didn't get any rains from her but we have had plenty of rain anyway. My pasture is really high and I will need at least a week of no rain before I can mow.  Kevin is in Pennsylvania working. He has been working in Houston for over a year. He got a call from a buddy about an opening with his company and he jumped on it. He had to leave pretty quick but so far he like it up there. We have his dogs to look after while he is gone. When we travel Kyle is going to take them. They are good young dogs but they miss Kevin. I leave them down in Kevins yard but bring them to mine most every day to play with them.
Sammi and Sissy chilling


Kyle sent this picture of Luke and Peyton

Jen sent this picture of John and Holly playing on my tractor

The pipe yard  Kevin is working at

Hope this goes back together

Rex and Max


Monday, June 12, 2017

June 9-11 Double Lake

Friday and Saturday were catching up days and getting ready to leave. We have had so much rain the yard had to be mowed before we left. I was able to get most everything mowed and managed not to get stuck. Sammi entertained herself for the most part. She went with Nana to the Dr. on Friday and then they went to Bucky"s where she got a little play gun set.  She had fun shooting the pistols and rifles playing cops and robbers,.  Sunday we headed to Double Lake. Since its not far we left about noon. We stopped in Cleveland and had lunch at Fish Tales. It was ok but not as good as the one in Dayton. Susan brought her car as she has to go to the choirpractor on MWF.  It was hot setting the trailer up, the heat and humidity has returned. We went swimming in the lake and it was great. An evening storm blew in so we had to get out. It was pretty nice in the evening and we sat out and cooked and then just chilled till dark.
The crew watching tv

First thing she says in the morning "Whats for breakfast "

Setting up

Rain coming so we are headed out

Eating supper with her table she set up.

Friday, June 9, 2017

June 8, 2012 Sammi has Arrived

It was an unusually cool June morning, low humidity and around 60 degrees. I started cleaning my truck up very early. Kristi called yesterday and said they needed me to use my truck and take them to the airport because they had so much baggage. They are headed to Africa ( except for Sammi ) for their annual mission trip.  I took out my fifth wheel hitch so we could use the whole bed. I use the front end loader on my tractor to set it in and out as I cant lift it anymore. I went  ahead and washed the truck and cleaned the interior.  We left about noon and headed to Kristi's to spend a little time  with them before they left. Mike Z  was weighing bags and Kristi was rearranging to get them all in compliance when we arrived. When they were done we loaded everything in the truck. It indeed filled the bed. We left for the airport around 4:30. Susan and Sammi stayed home because we didn't have enough room to carry everyone. It was an easy trip and we got unloaded and they were on their way. Going back was not as easy, the traffic was terrible trying to get back on Kingwood Drive. As soon as I got back we headed home. We stopped at La Villa Mexican restaurant and ate supper. Sammi ate really well so she got some ice cream for dessert. ( we never spoil her).  When we got home Sammi played games on her ipad and watched a movie till bed time. The dogs were glad to have a new person to play with. Susan is feeling better so it looks like we will be going camping for a week.
The truck is full 

Made it to the airport

Mackenna and Ashley are excited and ready to go

Sissy and Maggie want some attention from Sammi

Sammi is just chilling

Thursday, June 8, 2017

May 21-June 7 Watching Grandkids and lots of Rain

We went and spent four days in Kingwood watching our three granddaughters. Mike and Kristi went to Chicago for a college graduation. We don't really babysit any more but are just a delivery service. Even though school activities have slowed down the girls haven't. Sammi and Ashley both had friend activities and Kenna still has soccer practice. We all went one night to an Awards Program at the the Jr. High. Mackenna got two awards , one for Straight A"s  and another "Shining Star Award".  We never had a evening when all of us ate supper at the same time. These girls are growing up too fast. We went home on Thursday night.  It was good to get home and piddle for awhile. There was a little excitement one morning when a young man lost his trailer and tractor in the ditch. He took out a main power pole and we were without electricity for about 7 hrs. At least it was not a really hot day.. We have been moving Mom in bits and pieces to a new house. I always thought Dish had terrible customer service but now that I have been dealing with  AT &T I understand a new low in customer service. While we were gone rainfall has been scarce. Well, once it started  it has been a monsoon, we have had about 6 inches in the last 4 days. Susan went on a quilting boondoggle up near Madisonville. While she was gone I cleaned and rearranged the inside of the trailer. We get Sammi for about 10 days and we are taking her camping.  Susan came home a day early, her back has been hurting her and now she has terrible pain and knots in her shoulder blade area. We went to a chiropractor in Crosby who Susan has heard a lot of good things about. We did like him and we will see if the treatments help. We are hoping she gets better so we can take our little trip with Sammi.
Ashley is enjoying some Bluebell ice cream

Susans new hobby
Rainfall total for 4 days was 7.2 inches 



That tractor landed right side up in ditch 

That's as clean as my spot gets in he trailer

Sunday, May 21, 2017

May 20, 2017 Headed Home

It was another really nice morning . There was a slight breeze and it was nice sitting watching the sun rise. When Maggie and I took our walk we noticed there was about 10 more trailers that pulled in sometime yesterday evening. Folks here for the weekend. We looked at the weather forecast and radar, then decided that we would head home as it looks like rain was coming. We didn't get in any hurry but were still ready to leave at 9:30. We stopped and ate breakfast in Hillister (very small community) and it was really good. We could see the rain coming so we left just in time to miss it. It turned out to be a good decision as it looked on radar that the campground got 2 pretty good storms during the day. We didn't get anything at home and I even mowed the yard, actually we could use some rain.  We had a good trip, nice to be close to home as the drive is only about and hour 1/2. Our next trip will be in June. We are taking Sammi camping for a week at Double lake. We also have some friends coming to camp with us.